International Groupage and specialised transport Benelux, Germany, Austria & the Balkans.

Van der Heijden Transport B.V. is a modern transport organisation offering custom based solutions for goods management and distribution through a wide range of facilities. All are fully supported by our own skilled staff. We own and operate more than 8,000 m² storage and transhipment facilities with loading docks and a 25 tonne overhead travelling crane. This is combined with a highly diverse range of vehicles for specific applications, whether or not with various loading and unloading options.  

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Coil transport

Over 20 trailers are fitted out with coil wells for the transport of steel coils. These trailers are fully equipped with steel stanchions, tie-down straps and chains to ensure safe and responsible load stowage.   


We specialise in groupage transport from and to the Benelux, Germany, Austria and the Balkan countries. We also offer solutions for handling heavy goods and/or goods with special dimensions as groupage. This may include construction parts or cargo loads that are longer than standard pallet dimensions.  

Transport of wide and long loads

Thanks to the extendable flat low loader and semi low loader trailers, we can transport lengths of up to 22 metres.

Machine transport

On a project basis we can offer a wide range of machines including cherry pickers, Manitous, cranes and forklift trucks. We will be happy to provide you with customised full-service solutions from our own organisation. 

Container hire and transport

Van der Heijden Transport B.V. hires out and delivers 20-ft containers to your location, which are suitable for various applications. With our 85 tonne/metre truck-mounted crane they are positioned according to your wishes.


Van der Heijden Transport B.V. specialises in the storage and transhipment of a whole range of goods, including machines, pallets and constructions. We offer storage for a definite or indefinite period of time or incidental need, depending on your requirement. 

Lifting capacities

We own a number of special forklift trucks with various (heavy) lifting capacities. We also have an overhead travelling crane with a lifting capacity of 25 tonnes and a wide working range. It allows us to handle heavy loads fast and safely. 

LHV (Longer Heavier Vehicles)

We operate Longer Heavier Vehicles (LHV) with an increased load capacity of 50% of standard vehicle load capacity. This means: lower CO ² emissions, fewer traffic jams and more efficient transport of your goods.

Transport of truck mounted forklifts

A forklift is mounted on the back of our lorries and trailers without loss of space or restrictions. The forklift is operational within minutes. It enables us to load and unload your goods efficiently at locations that have no loading or unloading facilities. It allows us to respond flexibly to the needs of our customers.

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